Our Process

Bomond Vodka:

From the finest French wheat and naturally grown grapes to the limestone filtered water, every element that goes into its production ensures Bomond is exceptionally smooth vodka. Bomond is a taste of old-world luxury with a modern-day twist.


High Quality, Exceptionally Smooth

A high-quality product has qualities that satisfy the expectations of the consumers. Vodka must be soft without secondary scents or after-taste and smooth on the finish. It must be as clear as “a tear” and not cause a hang-over the next morning, assuming it is consumed in moderation. To obtain such quality and smoothness, the following components are important to us:

High quality ingredients

Unique distillation process, including the equipment and production technology

Method of water purification

Vodka’s formula and composition


Water Source

Water used in Bomond vodka is extracted from the natural geological bed located on the distillery, at a depth of hundreds of feet.

The water is a very important ingredient in any spirit, especially vodka. The limestone geology means that iron is filtered out of the water as it flows over the rock, and it becomes a sweet-tasting mineral water. The calcium and other minerals in the water are good for health.

Our limestone water is filtered using reverse osmosis, so the mineral content remains intact.  Calcium and magnesium bond with the carbohydrates in alcohol and when water is mixed with alcohol it gives a smoother mouth feel.  Limestone filtered water makes all the difference in vodka. Nothing else comes close.


The Glass of Bomond Vodka

To achieve our high-quality packaging, Bomond uses high-flint glass and food-grade dye. As a result, the bottles have clear glass. The design of our bottle was inspired by Gardens of Versailles (upper part of the bottle) and Eiffel Tower (bottom of the bottle). Each bottle is hand decorated, i.e. each label is put on by hand and then baked to become a decal.


Copper vs Stainless Steel

Bomond vodka is distilled 6 times in specially designed Cognac copper pots. Unlike Stainless Steel, Copper is a great conductor of heat. It removes volatile compounds, such as esters and sulfur, that are produced during the fermentation process and are highly undesirable in spirits. It avoids the production of ethylcarbamide which is a toxic substance formed from cyanides. Copper improves the quality and the aroma of the final product.

The copper pot used to distill Bomond vodka has a unique head and a straight neck (rather than swan neck), which have less contact with the product to make it exceptionally smooth.

Since vodka is a rectified spirit, it is often distilled a minimum of 3 times. To bring a sense of elegant restraint to the grain and grape Bomond is distilled six times, this is the optimal number for distillation.

Bomond Vodka Distillation



The more rich and flavorful liquors, like Scotch and Cognac, are made in pot stills. A good vodka should be full of flavor, aroma, and have a soft mouth feel. To achieve that we chose to distill Bomond in Cognac Copper Pots using the high-quality French winter wheat and naturally grown white grapes, mainly uni blanc.


Process of Filtration:

Post distillation, Bomond vodka matures for a few weeks prior to its final filtration and bottling. We use charcoal filtration to remove any remaining impurities, so Bomond can be sipped straight.