Spring 'Spirit'

Spring is so exciting with the first sight of a cherry blossom tree beginning to bloom. Or the sound of birds chirping in the morning outside your window. The day light is longer and the night air smells a little sweeter. And every year, when Spring comes along it sparks a fond memory of days you and your friends spent day drinking on an outdoor patio of some random boutique bistro or a rooftop lounge while laughing your heads off.

Smiling and nodding your head maybe? Or might you already be planning your Spring trip to Europe?

Certainly a little Bomond Vodka can help ease creating an itinerary &/or inspire some Europe vibes. Basically, we just want to be a part of your good times.  So we are giving you the perfect Spring cocktail recipes with Bomond Vodka.

Spring Breeze

  • 1.5 oz bomond
  • .5oz blue curaçao
  • .5 oz sour
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • muddled lemons
  • shake & strain into a martini glass, or over rocks in a bucket glass

You can also check out one of our most popular cocktails, Simply Peachy!

Now, go on, the night awaits, and please always drink responsibly.








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